Coyote Contest – Where the Big Dogs….Win!

Our website contains the web's most comprehensive listing of Coyote & Predator Calling Contests from around the continent.


A activity where hunters engage in calling and shooting coyotes or predators within a set period of time.   Prizes are often awarded for the most game taken or the heaviest/lightest presented at the weigh-ins. 


Coyote & Predator Calling Contests help maintain the balance of predator/prey throughout the Midwest without giving an unfair advantage to the hunter. As teams engage their prey throughout the tournament, they must utilize camouflage and calling techniques that outsmart their prey as they call these elusive and wary predators close enough to harvest.


Contests are held all throughout the Midwest and Canada by foundations, clubs or private organizations and are often used as fundraisers for communities and non profit organizations.


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