1st Annual High Altitude Hunters Coyote Calling Contest

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1st Annual High Altitude Hunters Coyote Calling Contest


High Altitude Hunters is hosting their first coyote calling contest.

This will be held in Southwest Utah, and teams will be allowed to hunt in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah so as long as they follow all the Fish and Game Regulations for each State.


1. There will be no aircraft hunting during this contest. Automatic disqualification if caught.

2. Cheating will be an automatic forfeit with no refunds of fee’s.

3. Specific pictures will have to be taken for each coyote killed, and this will be announced at check in for the contest.

4. 2 man/women teams allowed. No splitting up for the hunt, both hunters have to be in the same vehicle.

5. Both hunters will be required to be present at Check in, if both hunters do not check in they will not be allowed to compete.

6. No trapped coyotes will be allowed for this contest. Bringing in Trapped coyotes will only disqualify your team from this competition. No hunting over bait, and no hunting over dead animal piles.

7. All hunting regulations will be followed, and if you are caught not following state and local laws you will be disqualified and the Fish and Game will be notified of your violations.

8. We will have a biggest dog side contest. $10.00 entry and winner will take the entire pot.

9. We will also have a smallest do side contest. $10.00 entry and winner takes the entire pot.

10. DWR Bounty station may be at final check in after the hunt for bounties.

11. No Night Hunting, no exceptions! This will disqualify you no questions asked.

12. No live decoys will be allowed for this event. This means if you have a decoy dog, leave it home. Caught with any live decoy and you forfeit, and no refunds will be given.

13. No joining teams and splitting the prize.

14. Lets make this a FAIR and FUN competition.

If this calling contest is successful, and we get over 35 teams. The next one the winning prizes will be much better. Prizes for calling contest. 1st place team - Two Badlands Superday packs, and two $25.00 gift cards to Cal-Ranch 2nd place team - A custom Elk handle knife made by Rapid River Knifeworks. 3rd place team - Your choice for each hunter of a dozen arrows from TNT Archery , or $100.00 gift card for each team member. There will be some other prizes that will be added as we get closer to the contest date.

To register for this contest visit: http://www.highaltitudehunters.com/coyote-calling-contest.html

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