Ellis County Varmint Calling Contest

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Ellis County Varmint Calling Contest

Coordinator: Michael Panther
Phone: 214-949-3099

Ellis County Predator Hunt Ellis County Varmint Competition Date: January 10-11

Registration: Saturday 6 am- ~~ No mail in~~

Location: Boyce Feed & Grain 441 South College St, Waxahachie, TX 75165 Hunt starts at 7 am Weigh in Sunday at 11 am (if you are late for any reason your animals will not be counted)

Cash only for entry fee ($100 per team). Ten animal cap per species.

  • 1-4 man teams no more.
  • Bobcat=35pts
  • Coyote=25pts
  • Fox=15pts
  • Coon=2pts
  • Heavy pots for Bobcat, Coyote, and Coon for $20 each

Rules: No pooling of animals. No baiting an area to hunt. (If the animal has died you may hunt by the animal but cannot kill an animal and place it somewhere or move an animal after natural death.) Team members must hunt on the same piece of property but may split up and hunt as long as they remain on the same piece of property. You must only hunt on land you have permission to hunt or state required land. No shooting off of public roads. If you drive up on an animal or walk up on an animal you must come to a complete stop, squeak, call, or make some kind of noise to make that animal commit before pulling the trigger. By commit I mean he must stop and look at you. You may shoot raccoons out of trees as long as they are looking at you. All team members may not start hunting until the tournament begins at 7 am. Only animals that have been shot during the contest hours will count for the contest. No adding weight to your animal. Must follow state rules. No trapping of animals allowed.

Payout: 1st 75% 2nd 25%

Heavy Pot: 100% for each

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