6th Annual North Canadian Outdoors Calling Contest

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6th Annual North Canadian Outdoors Calling Contest


6th Annual North Canadian Outdoors Calling Contest February 7th, 2015

1-3 Man Teams $100.00 per team. 100% pay back on the entry fee’s less lie detector fee

Side Pots will be $25.00 each: Payout is 90% of fees, 10% to TNC service fee.

  • Big Dog
  • Little Dog
  • Ugly Dog
  • Big Cat

Rules are as Follows:

-Must be called Coyotes, Bobcats or Fox -Winners based on highest point total.

-Points: Coyote = 1 | Bobcat = 1.5 | Fox = 1.5 -Tie goes to heaviest coyote -Hunting boundaries: within Official Oklahoma State Lines -All team members MUST hunt together. No splitting up or calling different areas at the same time.

-No Trapping Allowed

-Hunting hours are official daylight to dark -Lie detector test required for winning teams -If you are late for check-in you are disqualified

Registration, Entry & Other Monies can be paid by credit card online @

TNCOutdoors.com, mailed in before Monday Feb 2nd @ 9pm or paid Friday night.

With Mail in entries please list Team Member Names, Phone #’s and which side pots

Mailing address Checkin Location

Attention: TNC Outdoors, LLC Practical Shooting

21047 Highlander Ridge Dr. 2181 S. Blackberry Dr.

Edmond, OK 73012 Mcloud, OK 74851

Check In: Sat Feb 7th 2015 @ 8:45pm SHARP!

Raffle for Henry Lever Action .22 to sponsor Oklahoma Youth Hunting & Fishing Program ($5 each or 5 for $20)

For Questions please Contact Marcus Radunzel @ 405-409-0651

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