Washington Predator Hunting Association Coyote Classic

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Washington Predator Hunting Association Coyote Classic




This contest / Hunt is scheduled from January 16th at registration time through 12:00 noon January 18th, 2015.

All forms of hunting MUST comply with the hunting regulations as set by The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Hunting time will be from Friday the 16th at 5:30 p/m until final check in time of 12:00 noon, Sunday the 18th. Night hunting is allowed.

Hunting is to be restricted to Benton, Franklin, Yakima, Walla Walla and Klickitat, Grant, Adams, Whitman, Columbia, Garfield, Grant, Lincoln and Douglas counties.

All legal types of calls and decoys are permitted.

All hunters must be legally licensed to enter the hunt. Proof of eligibility must be presented at time of check in for the contest (Hunter ID number will be listed on entry form).

All participants must check in, in person, at the contest check in location prior to participation: RDO Equipment, 1707 E. James St., Pasco, WA. 99301

Use of Off-Road vehicles (ATV, Snowmobiles, ect.) are permitted but allowed in permitted areas only.

All coyotes presented for final check in must have been harvested by legal means. Coyotes turned in that are determined to be harvested in any way other than legal means will be disqualified and the team will be disqualified. No road kill or trapped animals allowed.

Mouth blocks will be distributed at the registration location. A block will be placed in each coyote’s mouth immediately upon retrieval, the block must have the date and time of retrieval as well as the bag number clearly placed upon it. Zip ties and markers will be supplied at the registration location to secure the block in place and to write upon it. All animals presented without a block in its mouth will disqualify that coyote and possibly that team from the competition.

Access to private property will need to be obtained prior to entering such areas. Teams are responsible for obtaining such permission. Any team found in violation of trespassing violations will be disqualified.

Contest winners will be determined by leader of each category. If a tie occurs, the participant presenting the coyote in that category,with longest tail will be determined as winner.

No “pooling” of coyotes between participants is allowed.

All participants are required to properly dispose of animals they harvested.

All participants will be required to complete an entry form and sign a release prior to the start of the competition.

By signing the entry form and release, you are indicating that you are going to comply with the rules of the contest, decisions of the judges and allow any use of photos taken during the contest.

The Washington Predator Hunting Association reserves the right to refuse entry to any member that at any time may not display the best interest of our sport and event.

All prizes to be paid out in proportion to all entry / membership fees collected up to $2000.00 total payout per WDFW regulations.

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