2nd Annual Cheyenne River Classic

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2nd Annual Cheyenne River Classic

Coordinator: Lonny Lesmeister
Phone: 605-200-0356

2nd Annual Cheyenne River Classic Coyote Calling Contest

Fox Ridge Ag Supply (8 Miles E of Eagle Butte, SD, only farm on the N side of HWY 212.)

$100 entry fee…...$50 Big, Little, and Ugly Dog…..Calcutta as well

This is a Video contest!! With that said, all coyotes will be excepted. Coyotes will taken in on a point system. Coyotes shot on film are worth 3 points, those not on film are worth 1 point. So video cameras are highly encouraged. One thing to remember is, if the judge can’t see the coyote clearly on the review screen, it will not count. So choose your video recording device wisely.

Last year we a blast!! We had 54 teams entered, in which most consist of 3 individuals. This year proves to be bigger and better with more money added, as well as more sponsors!!

All proceeds made from this contest, will go to a local family in need of some assistance.

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