4th Annual DKD Coyote Tournament

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4th Annual DKD Coyote Tournament


DKD will be holding a 1- day Coyote hunting tournament on the 10th of January 2015.

(See rules for details)

1. Entry fee shall be $50.00 per team. Payback will be as follows: 1st 50%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20%. All prize money will be handed out after dinner at check-in location.

2. Largest coyote ($5.00 per person), Smallest coyote ($5.00 per person), Wild Card (5.00 per person) and Mangiest Coyote ($5.00per person) Weights will be taken at check in. (100% Payback)

Tournament Rules and Regulations;

1. Each team will consist of two members and they must travel together in one vehicle, hunt and call on the same stand together. Only Team members are allowed in the vehicle during the hours of the hunt. No other person may be in the vehicle at any time, for any reason. Both team members must be present at check in and in the same vehicle.

2. Entries must be harvested on January 10th, 2015. Temperature probe, skinning of coyotes, and/or interrogation may be given to all prizewinners. This is a hunting contest, no road kills, Poisoned, Trapped, or Snared entries accepted. There is no use of dogs allowed. There is no pooling of coyotes between the entered teams.

3. Check-in will be from 6:00 and 7;00 pm at the Jeffreys’ residence, located 5km south of Sangudo, Alberta. (Signage will be clearly posted the day of the shoot.) Any teams arriving late at check-in will not be eligible for any prizes! NO exceptions! Coyotes/Foxes are to be forfeited to officials upon check-in.

4. Wood BLOCKS will be used for this tournament. Blocks are to be placed in each coyote’s mouth immediately upon retrieval. The block must have the team number, Sequence Number, and time of day marked clearly on the Block. Bands will be provided to place around the coyote’s mouth (top & bottom) to secure the block. THE BLOCK MUST BE FILLED OUT COMPLETELY AND BANDED IN THE COYOTES MOUTH. ANY COYOTE TURNED IN WITHOUT A PROPERLY FILLED OUT BLOCK (SEQUENCE NUMBER, TIME OF DAY, TEAM NUMBER) BANDED IN THE COYOTES MOUTH WILL BE DISALLOWED. Everyone MUST follow these standards. NO EXCEPTIONS. (Upon retrieval of coyotes teams must text in for SEQUENCE Number to 780-)

5. Participants are responsible for abiding by All Alberta Hunting Rules and Regulations, and Trespassing Laws. Any disputes must be made at check-in. If any illegal activity is witnessed of another team, we will need vehicle, sled or quad info (colour, make, license plate if possible). Any illegal activity will be passed onto Alberta Fish & Wildlife officers. Any Participants who break game laws or trespass laws will be disqualified, and will forfeit any prizes. There will be No refund of the entry fee either.

6. Contest officials will determine winners; official’s decisions are final! The DKD organizers, volunteers, and event sponsors will NOT be held responsible for any injury, accident, or lawless behavior from any of the tournament participants.

7. Sportsmanship. Any team that shows a lack of consideration for other teams, the rules, or is just being an all-around asshole, will NOT be refunded their entry fee and asked to leave. If it is determined that any team or team member who—in the past—has a history of questionable actions, coyotes, behavior, etc., that is deemed detrimental to the enjoyment of the tournament by others, they will be banned from entering the tournament. DKD reserves the right to refuse entry to any team or team member who has displayed the above-mentioned un-sportsman-like behavior.

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