Beaver Coyote Calling Contest

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Beaver Coyote Calling Contest

Coordinator: Luke Carter
Phone: (435) 310-0446

Beaver Coyote/Fox Hunt Rules (2015)

$60 per team with additional BIGdog/little dog $20/$20


2. Team members are to stay together, no leapfrogging.

3. NO hunting from any type of aircraft.

4. All coyotes/foxes need to have jaw locks inserted and tag applied in order for the animal to qualify for points. Improper jaw locks and tags will mean disqualification of animal. We will be probing coyotes/foxes for body temperatures. Unusual temperatures will be grounds for disqualification. We will do a random probe of various dogs brought in to establish a scale that will be used to evaluate a qualifying Dog. If a temperature is off by plus or minus 3 degrees of the established scale the animal will not qualify and participants will be disqualified. (Note) It is important to fill out the tags properly with the correct kill time; also depending on the weather and how the animal is transported (stacked on top of each other) can have an impact on the temperature do not try to use this as an excuse!

5. There will be no physical boundaries for this hunt (Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona etc.)

6. All dogs are to be checked in by 7:00 p.m. Nov. 27th at the Beaver Cardwell (215 N. Main St Beaver, Utah) ……………NO EXCEPTIONS.

7. Whichever team that ends up with the most points wins; in the event of a tie, the tie will be determined by total weights of the coyotes/foxes. Further ties determined by drawing a card, highest card wins.

8. One or two man teams only. Teams may have (1) 12 year old or younger rider, rider may not pack a gun operate call(s). They are there to observe and that’s it. If this doesn’t work out and it is used to cheat in any way it will be dropped from future contests.

9. No road killed or trapped animals, three legged animals will be inspected thoroughly.

10. Absolutely no excepting coyotes/foxes from other teams or from anyone else. Don’t cheat!

11. This is a calling contest; decoy dogs are not to be used and absolutely no chasing coyotes/foxes with motorized vehicles (foot pads will be inspected).

12. Anyone caught cheating will be banned from further competition.

13. Teams must abide by ALL state game laws.


15. All times are listed as Mountain Standard Time.

16. All teams must have at least on participant that is 18 years or older. (For liability reasons)

17. ATVs may be used to transportation to and from stands. They may not be used for chasing animals.

18. Again this is a calling contest no trapping, snaring or other methods of catching animals (these methods will be monitored).

19. Team members must hunt and be present at weigh in together. We will allow one team member to be at the registration. Please don’t ask for exceptions to this rule.

20. Each team will be given 13 jaw locks, if you run out of locks then call Luke 435-310-0446 or Brennen 435-310-0436 and leave a message. You can turn in 13 Coyotes or foxes or any combination of either. Remember Coyotes are worth more points than Foxes, it is up to you what you turn in. If you plan to kill more than 13 animals great but you can only turn in 13.

21. All unused jaw locks must be returned- NO EXCEPTIONS!

22. Participants may keep coyote/foxes or donate to BCCC; the monies from Coyotes and Foxes will be used for next year’s contest.

23. Only one team member needs to present at the rules meeting.

24. Coyotes need to be un-skinned and whole.

25. In addition to contest rules, all contestants must comply with the wildlife rules and regulations in the area they plan to hunt. If a contestant receives a citation for a wildlife violation or unethical hunting, the entire team will be disqualified. It is up to you to know the wildlife rules and regulations, i.e. Firearm shell capacity, shooting across roads or from vehicles etc.

New Video Verification:

You and your Teammate will video the jaw lock process using the same device for every entry.

1st The process will go as follows NO DEVIATIONS the video will start with one teammate videoing the coyote while the other teammate picks up and shakes the dog in a manner that shows that no rigor mortise has set in on the coyote; we want to see evidence of a fresh kill: blood dripping, tongue and mouth able to move and limbs moving)

2nd The teammate videoing will video his and his partners face (make sure both faces are visible)

3rd The teammate videoing will video the team card so that the Number is visable.

4th The sex of the animal will then need to be recorded by stating this aloud.

5th The teammate videoing will video the other team member applying the jaw lock.

6th The number on the jaw lock will also need to be recorded; we want this done by one teamate reading this aloud.

7th Finally the time of kill needs to be videoed using another phone or device that cannot be manipulated.

This should not take more than 30 sec. The videos of the top 3 teams will be viewed if any discrepancies are found, the team will be disqualified and the next team will have their video viewed. If you delete or lose or any other unfortunate thing happens please don’t ask for exceptions to this verifcation you will not receive any. Teams have been Disqualified in the past for not abiding by these steps.

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