Kemmerer Qualifying Hunt

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Kemmerer Qualifying Hunt


Sign Up: Friday Dec. 5th 7PM-9PM

Check In: Saturday Dec. 6th Before 7PM

Tournament Rules:

1-No hunting from any aircraft, snow machine, or any tracked vehicle. The use of any ATV is prohibited in WBOTB tournaments. This is to include four wheelers, side by sides and motorcycles. Hunters will be limited to their trucks.

2-No hunting with dogs (leave them at home during the days of the hunt) if

You have a dog with you, you will be disqualified.

3-No trapped, poisoned, or pen raised coyotes.

4-Only coyotes shot by your team count, no combined tallies.

5-Teams must stay in the same vehicle.

6-At least one member of you team must be present at Friday night check ins. There will be a $20 fine per non present members on Friday night. If your entire team does not check in on Friday night, that team will be awarded no circuit points for that hunt. This rule applies only to circuit qualifiers, all members must be present at check in for the state hunt on Friday night.

7-Teams must be checked back in no later than 7pm on Sat night/NO EXEPTIONS. All members of your team must be present at check in on Saturday night no matter what!

8-Only paid members of your team allowed in your vehicle during day of hunt.

9-Any violation of Wyoming fish and game law is grounds for disqualification.

10-Hunting hours for this contest are half hour before sunrise and a half an hour after sunset.

11-All ties will be broken using the total weight of all coyotes checked in.

12-The judges decision is final.

13-No less than 2 people per team.” No single person teams”

14-All coyotes will be core checked to ensure same day kills.

15-Make sure your coyotes are correctly blocked or they will not count.

16- All coyotes must be properly blocked and photographed after each kill showing both the hunter and the time on the block/ if no photo at check INS dogs wont count!!

17-Absolutely no remote check INS. All members of your team must be present at the check INS.

18-There will be no rescheduling of any of the tournaments, no matter what the weather conditions the hunts will be held.

19-No blatant alteration of any of the coyotes.

20-All coyotes are subject to skinning and gutting.

21-All coyotes checked in are property of the WBOTB

22-Absolutely no tolerance for any cheating, if you are caught cheating you will forfeit all winnings and entry fees and be banned for life.

These are the rules that will be in place for all tournaments involved with the Wyoming Best of the Best.

Thank you and good luck hunting,

Wyoming Best of the Best circuit champion rules and qualifying Standards.

Each team will be awarded 1 point for checking in on Friday night and 1 point for checking back in on time Saturday night.

For every coyote your team harvest during the qualifying tournaments you will be awarded 1 point per coyote.

If your team places in any qualifying tournament points will be awarded as follows:

  • 1st place-5pts
  • 2nd place-4pts
  • 3rd place-3pts
  • 4th place-2pts
  • 5th place-1pt

Team must make 4 of the 7 qualifiers to be eligible for the circuit title. State does not count towards this!!

If your team makes all 7 qualifiers you will be awarded 5 bonus points.

You must hunt with the same team the entire year for your points to accumulate toward that teams total, If you start as a 2 man team you must hunt with that same partner at every hunt in order to accumulate points for that team. If you start as a 3 man team you cannot drop one of your partners without creating a new team.Everytime you add or drop a partner it creates a new team and a new points total.

This award is to recognize the hunters who stick together and endure the whole season as a team, so if this is a title you are wanting to win make sure your hunting partner or partners are on board with you for the entire season no matter what, its kind of like a marriage ” Till Death Do Us Part ”

There will be no exceptions to these standards no matter what.

Example: your team hunts in 4 qualifiers, during those 4 qualifiers you harvest 6 dogs, and during the 4 hunts you take 4th place at one and 2nd place at another, during one of those hunts you got stuck and didn’t make back to check in on Saturday night. your points total would be as follows:

Friday check INS-4pts

Saturday check INS-3 pts.

total dogs-6pts


Point totals-19 points

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