West Texas Big Bobcat Contest

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West Texas Big Bobcat Contest


State-Wide Contest

Heaviest Bobcat wins Grand Prize.

To qualify your bobcat, your team must kill either 5 Grey Fox or 5 Coyotes (NO MIXING OF THE TWO).

If you fail to qualify a bobcat your team is still eligible for the Jackpots.

Hunting begins at 12:00 PM Noon on the Saturday of the contest.

Weigh-in is the following Sunday at 11:00 AM sharp at Field and Streams Failure to make weigh-in by 11:00 AM sharp will result in disqualification.

Entry fee is $200 per team, CASH ONLY!!! Pays 1st, 2nd, (3rd place if more than 150 entries) and Jackpots only.

In the event of a tie, Grand prize and Jackpots will be split evenly.

Cost of each entry is divided as follows:

$140 will go toward Main Contest

$60 is divided 3 ways toward each of the following jackpots:

Most Bobcats / Most Grey Fox / Most Coyotes (All teams will be entered in Jackpots)

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