Sponsor Coyote Contest

Fellow Coyote and Predator Contest promoters - We are asking for your help.

As you know, the events we hold are widely criticized by those that are not aware of the REAL reasons why put them on. Because of this, our site is under a high degree of scrutiny and we regularly receive emails and communications threatening us for helping promote coyote and predator calling events.

Our objective will be to provide our event listing service for FREE to event promoters - and will continue to do so as long as we can!

To help us, we are looking for Site Sponsors! As a site sponsor, we can help promote your business and products using our site and our social media outlets.

Sponsorship Levels:

Level 1 Sponsor ($250/Year):

Your business/club name listed on our Sponsors Page, and periodic posts promoting your activities/products on our website and social media outlets.

* This level of sponsorship allows your contest to be linked to your website or additional information elsewhere.

Level 2 Sponsor ($1,000/Year):

Level 1 listing plus a bundle of Coyote Contest branded gear (caps, decals, shirts, etc) to give away as prizes for your event.

Level 3 Sponsor ($2,500+/Yr):

All level 2 items plus Coyote Contest personnel will attend your next event to help support and promote your event.

CONTACT our site administrators to become a sponsor of our site!